2. LETTERS on the IKAMET card: A simple guide

The letters on the ikamet card

The LETTERS on the ikamet card hold specific meanings and provide important information about the individual’s status and the type of residence permit they hold.

To facilitate the temporary stay of foreigners in the country, the Turkish government has outlined specific criteria under Article 31 for the issuance of short-term residence permits. The ikamet card (residence permit card) is an official document that grants foreigners the right to reside in the country. The card contains various information, including personal details, a photograph, and a unique identification number. Letters on the ikamet card depend on the type of residence permit. In this article, we provide you with a simple guide to the letters on the ikamet card.

Foreign nationals who intend to stay in Turkey beyond a short tourist visit typically need to apply for an ikamet card. This card serves as an official identification and documentation of their legal residence status in Turkey. The application process and requirements can vary depending on factors such as the individual’s nationality, the purpose of their stay, and the type of residence permit they are applying for (e.g., work, study, family reunification). Learn more about letters on the ikamet card!

Below is a list of the frequently used letters on the ikamet card along with their respective meanings:

  1. Researchers Engaged in Scientific Pursuits (a): Article 31 allows foreigners engaged in scientific research in Turkey to obtain short-term residence permits, fostering international collaboration and the exchange of knowledge across diverse fields.

  2. Property Owners in Turkey (b): Individuals who own immovable property in Turkey are eligible for short-term residence permits, encouraging investment in real estate within the country.

  3. Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (c): Foreigners intending to establish commercial ties or initiate business activities in Turkey can acquire short-term residence permits, promoting economic engagement and international business relations.

  4. Participants in In-Service Training Programs (ç): Short-term residence permits are available for individuals attending in-service training programs in Turkey, facilitating professional development and knowledge enhancement.

  5. Participants in Educational Programs (d): Foreigners arriving in Turkey for educational purposes under agreements or student exchange programs can obtain short-term residence permits.

  6. Tourists (e): Short-term residence permits are granted to individuals visiting Turkey for tourism purposes, allowing them to explore the country’s diverse attractions.

  7. Medical Treatment Recipients (f): Foreigners seeking medical treatment in Turkey for non-threatening diseases can obtain short-term residence permits, promoting accessibility to healthcare.

  8. Mandatory Stays as per Legal Authorities (g): Individuals required to stay in Turkey based on the request or decision of judicial or administrative authorities can be granted short-term residence permits.

  9. Transition from Family Residence Permits (ğ): Those transitioning from family residence permits to short-term residence permits are eligible, providing flexibility based on changing circumstances.

  10. Participants in Turkish Language Courses (h): Short-term residence permits are available for individuals attending Turkish language courses in Turkey, promoting language acquisition and integration.

  11. Participants in Educational, Research, Training, and Internship Programs via Public Institutions (ı): Those participating in educational, research, internship, or training programs facilitated by public institutions can acquire short-term residence permits.

  12. Graduates Applying within Six Months of Completion (i): Individuals completing their higher education in Turkey can apply for short-term residence permits within six months of graduation.

  13. Investors (j): Foreign investors seeking to reside in Turkey can obtain investor residence permits under Article 31, promoting foreign investment in the country.

Article 31 of Turkey’s immigration regulations outlines a comprehensive set of criteria for granting short-term residence permits to foreigners. These are some of the commonly used letters on the ikamet cards in Turkey. It’s important to note that the specific letters and their meanings may vary depending on individual circumstances and any changes in Turkish immigration regulations. It is always advisable to consult official government sources or the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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