24. How to buy a car in Turkey? A Useful Guide

How to Register and Buy a Car in Turkey as a Foreigner?

To buy a car in Turkey as a foreigner you will get involved with several steps and some paperwork. To ensure a seamless and legally compliant transaction, we’ve compiled an extensive guide that will lead you through each intricate phase of this undertaking. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of the process about how to buy a car in Turkey.

Residency Permit:

To buy a car in Turkey, you will need a residence permit. If you’re planning to stay in Turkey for an extended period, you might need to obtain a residency permit, which is often a prerequisite for car ownership. Check the latest regulations, as requirements can change.

Tax Number:

Before to buy a car in Turkey, you need to obtain a tax number (vergi numarası) from the local tax office. You’ll need this for various transactions, including buying a car.

Choose a Car:

Decide on the type of car you want and do some research. You can buy a new or used car from dealerships, private sellers, or online platforms.

Inspect the Car:

If you’re buying a used car, have it thoroughly inspected by a trusted mechanic to ensure it’s in good condition.

Vehicle History Report:

Ask for a vehicle history report to check for any accidents or outstanding fines. To buy a car in Turkey and check its history you can send the plate number as an SMS to this number: 5664

Negotiate the Price:

Negotiate the price with the seller. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the terms of the sale, including any warranties or guarantees.

Purchase Agreement:

Draft a purchase agreement or contract with all the terms and conditions of the sale. Make sure both parties sign it.

Pay for the Car:

Pay for the car. This can be done through a bank transfer or in cash. Make sure to obtain a receipt for your payment.

Transfer of Ownership:

To transfer the ownership of the car to your name, you will need to visit the local traffic registry office (Trafik Tescil Müdürlüğü). Be prepared to provide the following documents:

    1. Passport or ID
    2. Residency permit
    3. Tax number
    4. Proof of address in Turkey (utility bill, rental agreement, etc.)
    5. Purchase agreement
    6. Vehicle title (logbook) signed by the previous owner
    7. Proof of insurance

Registration and Licensing:

Once you’ve completed the transfer of ownership, you’ll need to register the car and get license plates. You’ll receive a temporary license plate until the permanent one is ready.


It’s mandatory to have insurance for your car in Turkey. You can purchase insurance from various providers. Third-party liability insurance is the minimum required by law, but you can also opt for comprehensive insurance.

Road Tax (Motor Vehicle Tax):

You’ll be required to pay an annual road tax. The amount varies based on the vehicle type and engine size.

Maintenance and Servicing:

Regular maintenance and servicing of your car is essential to ensure it remains roadworthy.

TÜVTÜRK Inspection:

If you plan to buy a car in Turkey, you need to check if the car has inspection certification or not. TÜVTÜRK Araç Muayene is the official inspection and certification service in Turkey responsible for ensuring the roadworthiness and safety of vehicles. Under the authority of the Turkish government, TÜVTÜRK conducts thorough inspections, encompassing various critical aspects such as brakes, lights, emissions, and more. Vehicles that pass the TÜVTÜRK inspection receive a certification, allowing them to legally operate on Turkish roads. This inspection is crucial in maintaining road safety and environmental standards, making it a mandatory process for all vehicle owners in Turkey.


If you have a plan to buy a car in Turkey, it’s important to keep in mind that the specific requirements and procedures can vary, so it’s a good idea to consult with local authorities, such as the traffic registry office, and possibly seek assistance from a local friend or legal advisor who is familiar with the process. Make sure you understand the local rules and regulations and have all the necessary documents to avoid any legal issues while buying and owning a car in Turkey as a foreigner. We are ready to help you with any questions or further information. Contact us today and receive a consultant!